Words of a Bitter Old Man (Long version)

A man and a woman and his family
That was the way love’s suppose to be.
Once in this land of liberty
A man would fight for his right to be free

The melting pot was put away
And now, everyone has a special day
We honor the first from every group
Unique little vegetables floating in the soup

Workin’ for his money and giving to the poor
A prodding government demands some more
As a corporate exec steals away
His tiny nest egg and retirement day.

These are the words of a bitter old man
Who fails to listen or understand.
Through his eyes, he can see
The way his world ought to be.

He clings to an image of another day
When others would listen to what he’d say.
Interpreted today as garbled and bland
Simply, the words of a bitter old man.

“In God We Trust” built this land
And those in control won’t understand
Without a Creator – There is no Man
Not even these words from a bitter old man.

                                                          S. A. Collins

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