Camp Hope

What is the relationship between termites and sin? Cookies and religious denominations? A hidden canoe paddle and strengthening one’s faith? Sean, Jerry, Lonnie, and Benjamin are challenged to find these answers and more as they become – Challengers from Camp Hope.

While we no longer provide our free link to Challengers from Camp Hope  within the Pop’s Stories section of Pop and KK’s Place; you can download the free ebook version at: KK and Pop’s Place  or the free  iTune version for your iPad/iPhone/iPod.   And now,  a FREE Nook download is available at Barnes  Nobles Nook Books.   Whichever way you choose ,  enjoy!   And tell your friends and family to download their copy of Challengers from Camp Hope!

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  1. Patti Joy says:

    If I want to buy a hardcopy, where can I get it?

  2. Pop says:

    Thank you for asking! Go to KK and Pop’s Place to look over all o our chioces. Or click here to go diredtly to the hard cover version. Thanks again!

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