Chad Morris May Be The Bitcoin In Arkansas’ Future

If ask, what is a Bitcoin?  The average Razorback fan would have no clue.  Addionally, they would have no idea of the market value for a Bitcoin on the cyber currency exchange back in early December 2014 – approximately $350.  And that same naive guy or gal doesn’t realize today that same $350 token is selling for over $12,750 on the cyber currency exchange.

In fact, the cyber currency market is so foreign to them that most likely, if someone where to place a Bitcoin and a minted gold coin side by side in front of them and ask which has the greater value; the average Joe or Jane, most often, would pick the gold coin over the Bitcoin – the logical choice for an ignorant person.

Joe or Jane know as much about speculative investments as they do of selecting a college football coach.  Today, Chad Morris is a Bitcoin –  selling at the December 2014 rate.  In three years, he is likely to be the Bitcoin selling at the December 2017 rate.

The Malzahn backers and worshippers are always going to scream “Buy the gold!  Buy the gold!”  The “We  Need A Big Name” crowd will always scream “Buy the proven name brand!”  But a savvy investor does the research, examines the facts, calculates the risk, and recognizes a good investment when it is laid in his or her lap.

Hog fans – Buy now! Don’t be blinded by the gold!  Or an over priced brand name!   Chad Morris will prove to be a wise investment.  And a steal in today’s market place!    Invest in the future!

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