Why Malzahn Ends Up At Arkansas


Like a script from a Tennessee Williams play, Auburn is the beautiful, vivacious girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Because of her background, she has an inferiority complex and low self-esteem. Yet due to her attractiveness, she’s hooked up with numerous well respected “up town” boys. But she has an uncontrollable attraction for the “bad boy”.
On weekends, she cruises around town with her guy, cuddled beside him and him with his arm draped around her. But every time the couple drives by the corner where the “bad boy” hangs out, she cast a yearning glance in the “bad boy’s” direction – fantasizing of his touch.
The respectable boy sees her glance and realizes her true desire. He also knows that, at one time, she was caught in the backseat of a car with the “bad boy”. And while she says that she loves him as long as he pleases her, the respectable boy knows her heart doesn’t truly belong to him. He knows she’ll discard him with little regard when she tires of him.
The boy is a stranger from a different place. He knows that he is in a love-hate relationship; and no matter how successful he is in pleasing his suitor, he will never own her heart. Nor will she own his heart – for he hears a call from home. The call is from his first love. A call for forgiveness. A call to come home. A call for his heart.
But to return would look foolish to the world. For his first love is not as beautiful. As vivacious! As exciting! She could never be an Auburn. But she was willing to look the fool – and offer her heart.
Should the boy respond to the call of his first love, the girl would play on the heart strings of emotion as the victim – while secretly breathing a sigh of relief. For now, she is free to chase after her dream and consummate the desire in her heart. She can open her arms to the embrace of the “bad boy” and inhale the ecstasy of his illusion.
Little does she know that it will all go up in flames. For she will, one day, tire of the bad boy. And bad boys will always be – “bad boys”.
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