Take Me Back to Kansas

Posted on American Thinker – 06/10/2016

Don’t be alarmed if you hear Donald Trump bursting out in verse to “”Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Thursday on Capitol Hill, we may have seen the trailer of a remake to the classic movie, “The Wizard of Oz”; and in this depraved cover version, the real life players fall perfectly into character.

Donald Trump takes on the role of Dorothy. A bewildered naïve child lost in a world in which she doesn’t understand or belong. She simply wants to get back to Kansas with her little dog, Toto. She wears the ruby red slippers, a power source which she inherited from the Wicked Witch of the East – the defunct Obama Administration. The slippers represent the Office of the Presidency.   Neither Dorothy, nor Donald, really understand the power at the disposal of the one who possesses the red slippers, or possesses the experience to wield the awesome power contained in the shoes.

The Wicked Witch of the West is of course portrayed by the Progressives/Eastern Elitist/Hillary supporters. They were the rightful heirs to the power bestowed upon the one who possesses the ruby red slippers.   They understand the authority, influence, and dominance which this esteemed footwear possesses. The shoes belonged to them!   They were stolen! And they will get them back – no matter the cost! The main stream media and Democratic strategist fall right into the ranks of the foot soldiers of the wicked witch. They stand watch over her domain – the gothic castle; a location which could be represented by Manhattan. And of course, the Hollywood intellectuals are a natural to play the part of the flying monkeys. Jumping about and babbling unintelligible gibberish, the self-appointed foreign/domestic policy gurus crave the attention and favor of their enlightened sorceress.

Of course, the inept and incompetent Wizard is played by the United States Congress. It doesn’t matter which group is in the majority; both parties fit the role perfectly; and the illusion of power all accomplished through smoke and mirrors.   And as Wizard, they oversee the need of the people of the Emerald City – our nation’s capitol, Washington DC.

Former FBI Director James Comey must fill three roles in the story – the brainless scarecrow, the heartless tinman, and the cowardly lion. As the scarecrow, his duty is to defend the corn field against those who would steal or threaten the crop. As tinman, he wears the badge of head lawman over the most prestigious law enforcement organization in the world. And as the King of the Beast, he is charged with defending the rights of the people and standing up to those who wish to abuse or deny those rights and privileges. But through Comey’s inept leadership, the Bureau floundered back and forth with the ebb and flow of the political tide as he piloted the rudderless ship into partisan matter (investigation) after matter.   The former director showed no heart in fulfilling his responsibility to his subordinates. His millennium mentality and attitude tarnished the reputation of the hallowed law enforcement agency. The credibility of the FBI crumbled under his wayward leadership.   Comey lead with weakness because in his own words, he was cowardly when in the presence of his superiors. His position as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation comes with the roar of a lion and the courage to defend; but Comey lowered his head in submission, tucking his tail and running to the cover behind the door of his office. Inept, callous, and gutless are the character flaws which make the man a perfect fit for all three roles.

Think of Middle America, the fly-over region, and the little people; and Munchkinland and the Munchkins come to mind. The Yellow Brick Road, the byway to the Emerald City, begins in the forgotten region of Munchkinland. The people of this land simply want to live their lives in peace, fulfill their dreams, and protect their families from the tyranny of a big, oppressive government. From the headwaters of the Yellow Brick Road in Munchkinland, Dorothy received direction, encouragement, and support from the little people as she started off on her mission to the Emerald City. Oz and the Emerald City can thank the little people for sending Dorothy their way.

But finally, the one who transferred the ruby red slippers from the feet of the lifeless Wicked Witch of the East to the feet of Dorothy was Gilda, the beautiful Witch of the North. Having seen the violent winds of the tornado drop a house on the previous wearer, the Munchkins called upon Gilda for protection. However Gilda also appeared for another reason; to oversee an orderly removal and placement of the slippers on the feet of the rightful owner before a different, yet powerful, enchantress could lay claim to the formidable slippers. And who better to play the role of Gilda than the United States Constitution. She possesses the power, strength, and entitlement to administer a disciplined transition of power. Somewhere over the rainbox, America wil her way back to Kansas.

May the slippers always fit!   May Gilda always stand vigilant! And may the United States Constitution always be our protector!


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