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One man’s passion is another man’s poison. One man’s concern is another man’s ignorance. O P Butts examines the question of individual lifestyle preferences through the conflicting lives of four diverse middle age men. Working in the confines of a failing manufacturing facility (the A. L. Wright Screw Products Company) situated on prime Mississippi River frontage in Memphis, TN, a perceived bigot – haunted by one tragic mistake in his past, a delusional simpleton – in denial over his mother’s passing, a defeated African American – yearning to grasp hold of the elusive American Dream, and a reformist homosexual – motived by his own self-preservation embrace – yet aggravate, one another as they go about their daily routines. Through manipulation, domination, and anticipation, these four men struggle against one another to maintain or reshape their personal vision that great entitlement – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Read Excerpt: Chapter One Migrating to Memphis

Listen to Audio Excerpt: Chapter One Migrating to Memphis

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