Hillary – the Technological Buffoon!

For now, Donald Trump should back off the Crooked Hillary accusations. The main stream media is deep in her pocket and has repeatedly demonstrated to Trump and the world that they hold no interest in pursuing those allegations. And with no interest from the press to stir the pot, Hillary will just continue to ignore his challenge; or laugh then off as a sign of desperation on Trump’s part. No, Trump should hit Clinton on the weakness which she has unknowingly, yet repeatedly, admitted to.
Prior to the next debate, Donald Trump should focus on this topic at his campaign stop overs; and then during the next debate, he should make it his main focal point in his attack against Hillary – her admitted technological incompetence.
Here’s what Donald should say, “Hillary, I apologize! I’ve decided to stop calling you by the catchy nicknames which we’ve grown fond of. No more Crooked Hillary! No more Cheatin’ Hillary! No more Hillary the Devil! Today! We turn over a brand new leaf in the campaign. From here on out, you will be known as you have asked to be known; by the character trait to which you have professed as yours, many times before the American electorate. You’ve found humor in this trait when discussing it with the media. You’ve joked about it on the campaign trail in front of your supporters. It seems to be a flaw which you’ve accepted and are comfortable with. So from this day forward, you will be known for the thing you confess to and find humor in. So to make peace, I and the American people accept you as – Hillary the Technological Buffoon!
Honestly, I’m not being cruel or comical! I’m just complying with your wishes. Repeatedly when dodging any responsibility for your deleted email debacle or illegal personal home server network, you have portrayed yourself as a victim of your own technical naivety and ineptness; a victim of your own lack of understanding for today’s technological advances. A bewildered casualty overwhelmed by the flood of technological information flooding your World.
In technological terms; you must view yourself as the equivalent of a rotary-dial telephone trapped in this high tech cellular and digital world. When questioned about your handling of classified material, you project yourself to be the image of an antiquated object; tethered to a stationary landline – standing in one place while the rest of the country moves forward in this futuristic, kinetic, and wireless generation. When questioned on technical issues, you must feel beyond your years. It’s logical to speculate that in your sphere you must believe that Snapchat is the snapping of one’s finger to gain a staffer’s attention. Instagram is a whole grain breakfast bar which you can eat on the run between campaign stops. And Twitter is that warm fuzzy feeling that runs down your leg when Bill whispers sweet nothings in your ear on those rare occasions when you are the one – alone with him. We know these things to be true because you’ve told us as much. In your own words, scrubbing a hard drive is pouring soapy water in a bucket, scrubbing the dirt and grime from the device, and making it presentable to the public for inspection.
By your own admission, you are ignorant of today’s technology and are incapable of comprehending future software applications. You tell us that during your days as Secretary of State you requested just one official Blackberry account to handle your personal and government activities because the stress of working with multiple accounts was more than you could deal with. You were forced to place your trust – and potentially, the trust of our nation’s security – into the hands of unknown cyber techs and computer system experts. None, of which we’re told, held the mandatory high level government security credentials required for access to the secretive material stored on the hard drive. The organizations which set up and maintained your unauthorized in-home network and email server – which again was cluttered with the highest level of government secrets and documents – did not have any type of governmental security clearance. Yet you as Secretary of State, along with your staff, granted this group of unknowns the administrative rights and privileges to your unprotected servers. But as you have stressed to the American public many times, because of your technical ineptness – you saw no harm or threat in this careless act. FBI Director James Comey called your actions grossly irresponsible; extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.
But because of your gullible trust and lack of technical fortitude – a compulsory trait necessary to function in today’s business, government, and technological environments, you found yourself entangled in a jumbled web of deceit and deception; a situation which may have placed many of America’s most classified secrets, planning strategies, and foreign covert operations in grave danger of discovery by foreign enemy operatives, dubious internet hackers, and high dollar extortionist.
America cannot afford to have a technologically ignorant dub driving the strategic, economic, and defensive policies of our country from the most powerful office in the world. The risk is too great! The threat – too imminent! The potential – too grave! As history has told us, this country only succeeded in winning World War II because of our technological advantage. Both the Allies and the Axis Powers were in a great, high stakes arms race to develop and deliver weaponry which could crush and bring the adversity to its knees. Fortunately, the Allies reached the finish line first. Had we not achieved that victory, the outcome most likely would have been tragically different? Had FDR not realize the need for a superior technological edge, a far greater loss of human life and personal sacrifice would have been demanded. Fortunately, the American people had the foresight and intuitiveness to elect a worthy administrator who possessed the necessary traits the guide the country through that challenging period.
In more recent times, our technological advantages in the Iraqi and Afghan wars have proven decisive. And because we, as a country and a people, have strived at great cost to attain and maintain that advantage, it is imperative that we demand of our next President, the same character and strength as FDR provided the country during the war of that Greatest Generation; a leader of the free world which is knowledgeable, coherent, and trustworthy to maintain the standard of our predecessors. That individual must possess the intelligence and ability to rationally analyze, evaluate, and determine the correct course of action based on the current information and intelligence available.
We cannot afford to have a situation where critical advice, counsel, and suggestive actions would have to be spoon fed to an acknowledged technological toddler the first time your Presidency is faced with an international cyber crisis or secure computer systems attack. We must have someone who has understanding of the situation as it occurs – in real time. I can offer that degree of competence to the American people.
And while we’re on the subject of technology and the importance of understanding it’s consequences to the nation’s security, let’s draw an analogy which I don’t believe you have a grasp of either. In today’s world, even a child has a basic understanding of the daily operations of a personal computer; and the need for an effective and current version of anti-virus and spyware software running behind their operating environment. Each day as we work or find entertainment value with our home PC’s, the anti-virus software installed runs constantly, unnoticed in the background, scanning our system for uninvited intruders – or intruders which have piggybacked on invited downloads or jumped out at questionable website stops. These dangers are always out there lurking and seeking an opportunity to gain access to our computer systems.
And just like in the real world, a body can disarm their security software and severely inhibit its ability to function as designed by the software engineers; and in doing so, create an environment conducive to attack. And since the safeguards have been restricted, no cautionary alert or protective action will be initiated by the security software. But fortunately when safeguards are implemented correctly and not constrained, our security software recognizes the threat and quarantines the malware agent before any damage is done or data breached. As long as the menace is confined and contained by the software, the danger is eradicated and no longer poses a threat to your PC’s operating system, valuable computer code, or personal data.
This safeguard is in place because when a new computer virus or innovative malware code is discovered by computer scientist and engineers, they don’t just send out an electronic drone to destroy the enemy; rather a specialized team captures the invader, isolates it, and dissects the digital code. By studying and breaking down the code, security experts are able to analyze and evaluate just what the hacker was attempting to accomplish with the malicious bit of code. They determine how the hacker was able to stealthfully insert the code into an unsuspecting system? Once it is embedded, what type of triggers initiate the malware into action? How to develop software which can recognize the stealthy and often disguised unwelcomed invader? And the only reason experts are able to develop a defensive strategy is because the virus was captured and quarantined on contact – not zapped and destroyed.
In waging their fight against religious extremist, the Obama administration – and most likely a policy which a Clinton administration would continue – strongly supports the zap and destroy philosophy. The Left strongly opposes a capture and detain interrogation program. Since its conception, the Left has fumed and fussed over the Guantanamo Detention Center and its negative connotations against the Muslim faith and Arab world. The Leftist battle cry, “Shut down, Guantanamo!” From their point of view, any safeguards against the threat of terrorism are not worth the perceived human rights abuses which could fall upon the innocent victims also associated with the radical terrorist’s religious federation. The Left’s demand to Obama and his fellow Democrats is: Do not capture combatants! Do not interrogate combatants in an effort to build an intelligence base! And most importantly, do not quarantine or contain any combatant unless within a US federal prison facility on US soil with legal representation! The Left demands the administration ignore any known terroristic threat which could lengthen Gitmo’s usefulness. The facility must be emptied and shut down! It is seen as a symbol of American intolerance; and an insult to the Muslim faith – worldwide.
In other words, going back to our computer scenario: At all cost and against all common sense, rehabilitate the computer malware, return it to a predetermined sector on your PC hard drive, and respect its right to move about freely. You shouldn’t concern yourself with any perceived threat. Its supporters insist it is unlikely that after being confined that the virus still poses a threat. If released from captivity, the once malicious code would never initiate another attack against your operating system or compromise your data.
Now tell me, what sensible individual would ever purchase computer security software which followed such a ridiculous protocol? But then again, what sensible American would ever vote for an individual not only willing, but bent on releasing quarantined terrorist back into the environment which created them and their extremist ideology?
So yes, Hillary! You are the rotary dial telephone of this election cycle! And your big government policies are the windowless building which once housed the archaic analog telephone switching centers across America in the mid-twentieth century. A slow mechanized switching apparatus which today’s high tech, digitally oriented Millenniums could never begin to fathom. A technology which once covered an entire city block, now is compartmentalized on the smallest portion of a single microscopic chip.
By your own account, the digital world has shot by you. You are a patron of yesterday’s wisdom; and today’s technology confounds you. And while America surges ahead toward an unknown destiny, do you really think informed Americans want to hang such an albatross around their neck? And the necks of their children! And their children’s children! I think not!
Therefore, we’ll take you on your word and for what you claim to be – a Technological Buffoon.”
That’s what Donald should be saying!

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