A Gold Nugget Pulled from the Rubble of Orlando and Nice

First Posted on The American Thinker on July 23, 2016

 Rahm Emanuel’s slogan: “. . . never let a serious crisis go to waste . . .”

The crisis scavengers of the Left will be feasting for years on the carnage of the Orlando nightclub and Nice promenade massacres.    The “never let a serious crisis go to waste” gold diggers have hit the mother lode with these tragedies.  Forget the gun control activist!   They’ll continue to be encouraged to rant their worn-out talking points on their round robin MSM outlets.  But there is a newly discovered prize nugget currently being sifted from the rubble of these appalling incidents and being evaluated by the calamity forgers for its potential worth.  And the left is salivating over the potential value of what they have stumbled upon.

The prized nugget:  A way to divert blame for this and all future tragedies away from the so called ‘Radical Islamic Terrorist” and rather shift blame to personal issues which have overwhelmed the individual and his/her ability to cope with their personal demons. 

As more information is gleaned and processed from social media outlets and prior acquaintances of Omar Mateen.   The left is planting the theory that the driving force behind the killer’s action could be that the killer was tormented by personal demons.  Because of family and religious intolerance toward homosexuality and the gay lifestyle, Mateen may have succumbed to the fact that he could no longer suppress his homosexual desires or tendencies. He realized the fact that if he accepted his true sexual orientation that he would be ostracized from both his family and his religion.  So in an effort to show that he was a ‘True and Loyal Follower of Muhammad’, he struck out at the community of those which he feared.  A community which had accepted him as someone which they could trust.

By spinning the blame away from the misguided religious zealot’s devotion to a fanatical Islamic cause and instead creating an assumption that the potential cause for such an extreme act of violence was from an individual’s personal inability to deal with an inner conflict, the Left has given the MSM a wet blanket to throw on every assertion that radical Islam is to blame for these premeditated acts of violence against the West.  Their assertion will be that the mass killers are simply using ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and the “Radical Islam” myth as a diversionary smokescreen under which to hide instead of revealing the genuine motivation which drove the killers to commit their hideous deeds.

This line of reasoning is starting to surface in the most recent attack in Nice, France.  It is reported that this so called radical terrorist also had a history of dealing with his own personal demons.  His secret life was “not just of a troubled young immigrant from Tunisia living in France, it’s of a midnight cowboy on the Côte d’Azur, depressive, confused, filled with rage.”    Another attempt by Islamic apologist to separate this untethered release of outrage against Western society from the radical Islamic doctrine of ISIS and the Levant, Al-Qaeda, and its sister extremist groups around the world.

Credible documentation exist which proves that homosexuals are persecuted in Islamic dominated regions, and even within Western Muslim communities.  However, an open homosexual lifestyle is documented and was quite prevalent throughout Islamic history.  Today, it is a covert lifestyle – hidden from the public.  But repeated reports of sexual abuse by ISIS rebels against their captive male prisoners, Yazidi and Christian women/children circulate human rights websites

So with all future acts of terror against the civilized world by Islamic jihadists, look for the international elitist’s community to immediately speculate and suggest potential social and personal circumstance which probably drove the individual to act out in this fashion; then for the MSM to immediately begin circulating these false narratives to the public.

Amd just breaking this afternoon, an attack in Munich, Germany.  It will be interesting to see just how rapidly and what personal issue has driven this madnman to action.


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